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Electric heaters of the TDS-E series

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Business: +49 2452 962 400
Industry: +49 2452 962 777
End-consumers: +49 2452 962 450
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This is what perfect heating solutions look like

The electric heaters of the TDS-E series – from Trotec!

Integrated connecting cable

Wherever a mobile heating solution is required and a power outlet is nearby, the effective electric heater fans of the TDS-E series provide the perfect solution. Be it for use in the catering trade, the agricultural or building sector, even where oil and gas heating devices are generally undesirable or prohibited.

The new Trotec TDS-E electric heater fans can be applied basically anywhere, for – unlike directly fired gas or oil heating devices – they neither consume oxygen nor produce combustion gases. All it takes to start the heating operation is a socket as the devices come equipped with an integrated power cable.

Multi-stage power control

All models of the TDS-E series have an integrated thermostat control which constantly maintains the generated warm air flow at the desired temperature level. Moreover, the devices can also be used in fan mode without the heating function and are equipped with a multi-stage power control for regulating the heat output.

As usual, we at Trotec naturally provide our customers with a heat output that is tailored to their individual requirements – accordingly the portfolio ranges from the smallest model TDS 19 E with a maximum heating capacity of 3 kW to the TDS 29 E with 5 kW to the TDS 50 E which offers a heating capacity of 9 kW at the highest level.

Convenient carrying handle

All of this makes the robust TDS-E heaters the first choice for temperature control in unheated interior spaces – e.g. for heating car workshops, construction site trailers and small halls or during construction jobs. What is more, thanks to their convenient carrying handle, low weight and hard-wearing double-walled housing, they are particularly easy to handle.

A few practical benefits:

  • Branded heating devices in TÜV-tested quality
  • Temperature control with two heating levels
  • Integrated thermostat for a constant warm air flow
  • Fan function
  • Hard-wearing double-walled housing with good thermal insulation
  • Overheating protection
  • Fan motor with thermal protection
  • Fan rundown function for cooling down the components (TDS 29 E and TDS 50 E only)
  • Non-condensing heat – no oxygen consumption – thus ideally suited for heating interior spaces
  • Easy transport and operation