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Functioning of the XRS 9012

The measuring device's sensitivity can be individually adjusted to every task

The desired sensitivity level can be set at the push of a button. This procedure allows a new way of working – safer and more efficient:

Initially, large areas can also quickly be checked at maximum sensitivity. As soon as a signal is received, the sensitivity level can be selected in way that potential interfering signals are cut out and a precise location of the leak is taking place.

The option of sensitivity reduction is another advantage.

Gross leaks in small rooms no longer result in a full-scale deflection. For a clear detection of large leaks the sensitivity can simply be reduced to a minimum.

Based on the rapid response time, even the smallest trace gas concentrations can be registered with a significant signal, which quickly drops back to zero with a decreasing concentration. Additionally, the zero point can be set anew at any time with a single keystroke.

During development, we paid particular attention to safety and comfort:

The leak detector is shaped in such a way that it can be carried close to the body. It is supplied with a shoulder strap, so that it is possible to work with both hands without difficulty. A practical detail providing additional safety.

Functioning of the XRS 9012

Usually the XRS 9012 is used primarily for leak detection and not the measurement of gas concentrations. If however a rough location is to be effected by means of measuring at different measuring points, this can be realized quickly and easily at an increased sensitivity setting.

Helpful practical feature: Whenever actuating the button, the MAX function determines the maximum concentration at the measuring point. This way, gas concentrations at different locations can be directly compared with one another.

The XRS 9012 comes equipped with an automatic battery charging function. Should the battery run empty, usually 5 to 10 minutes of charging time are enough to complete the current measurement. Charging can be accomplished via a car's cigarette lighter.

Solid practical benefits of the XRS system

The concept of the XRS system is based on current findings from material and process engineering. Advantages for the user: An effective measuring device with considerably optimized price-performance-ratio! In the sum of its advantages the XRS system is at present the best gas detector solution for non-destructive leak detection!

In addition to our many years of experience with tracer gas systems, numerous practical user suggestions have contributed to the further development of this system: For instance, the measuring sensor was mounted directly in the soil probe. Result: extremely fast response times!

Also at the top of the user's wish list: low follow-up costs and high reliability! Therefore, the XRS system in contrast to other gas detectors works without expensive vacuum pump, i.e. expensive repairs of this failure-prone component are also not required!



Technical data
General information
  Article number XRS009012
Housing design
  No display
Power supply
  External (power adapter)
  Internal (battery)
Operating time
  13 hours at 20°C
  6 hours at -20 °C
  3.5 mm audio jack (headphones)
  Bayonet (sensor)
Device control
  Membrane keyboard
Type of protection
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 1.9
Standard scope of delivery
Standard scope of delivery
  Measuring head XRS H21
  Measuring device
  Operating manual
  Mini earphones
  Transport bag
  Connection cable XRS C21 (3 m)
  Standard carry handle XRS P12
Equipment, features and functions
External sensors
  Gas [H2]
Functions and features
  Trace gas leak detection
  Fault indicator
  Adjustable sensitivity level
  No sensor saturation – even with gross leaks
  Quick sensor regeneration in case of wild fluctuations of the gas concentration
  Automatic setting of zero
  Minor cross-sensitivity to other gases
  Minimum measured value storage
  Maximum measured value storage
  Maintenance-free battery with short charging time and long lifetime

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available


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