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Connections and technical data of the sensors

Sensor connections DL200P

Four external measured value sensors can be connected to the DL200P: One electrode pair each for measuring resistance dampness at each of the two BNC connectors (B). Additionally, the data logger has two connections for TS910 contact temperature sensors (A).

Sensor connections DL200X

Six external measured value sensors can be connected to the DL200X: Firstly, via the 5-pin round connector M12 (D) up to four digital bus sensors (S), for example TS920. The schematic drawing shows a typical branch with a Y-connector (Y). Secondly, via a 10 pin terminal (C) with two independent input channels – up to two analogue sensors with current and voltage output, Pt100 temperature sensors in 3 and 4 cable technology or thermal elements.

In this way, each DL200X is able to administer 32 channel groups and 128 measurement channels at its maximum configuration. Enquiries can be carried out online or offline.

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