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Pedestal infrared radiant heaters of the IRS-E series

Instant, mobile and flexible heat generation from a standing position

IR radiant heaters for floor installation operate according to the same principle that all infrared radiant heaters use for generating and distributing clean, non-condensing warmth steadily without the need for preheating. But these free-standing radiant heaters are positioned on the floor and thus offer a great deal more of mobility and flexibility for possible applications. Without the need for drilling or the use of wall plugs they stand securely on their own "feet", or base, and – unlike radiant heaters that are permanently mounted to the wall – you can take them along wherever you go.

Convenient heat sources – wherever they are needed

You want to make sure your guests are comfortable on the outside terrace even in the time between seasons? The free-standing infrared radiant heaters can be positioned beside chairs and tables to spread the warm glow precisely where it is needed. Positioned on the floor these heaters can even warm your guests' feet under the table – a position virtually impossible to reach for most wall-mounted radiators.

Pedestal IR radiant heaters are the first choice when it comes to additional mobile heat sources. Whenever used with a nearby socket the extremely mobile radiators leave a good impression thanks to their integrated mains plug. Treat yourself to the cosy warmth provided instantly from a standing position.

The energy-efficient heating solution that is suitable for allergy sufferers

The operation of free-standing infrared radiant heaters is entirely odourless and, since they get by without fan, also very silent. Furthermore, no dust is raised. For this reason they are also optimally suited for allergy sufferers and represent a sensible alternative to conventional fan heaters. What is more, they can score with a high level of energy efficiency, because a great deal of the energy input is converted directly into heat.

Functional principle of infrared heating

This is how infrared heating works

Just like the natural radiation of the sun infrared radiation, too, does not heat the air, but the objects it encounters. These then permanently emit the stored thermal energy to the environment – much like a tiled stove.

That is the difference to conventional convection heating systems generating a continuous warm air flow. The air cannot, in principle, store the warmth itself, but can only transport it to objects, which on the one hand entails high energy losses and on the other – as a result of the air circulation – raises dust. Infrared heating completely avoids both.

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