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Fan heaters of the TFH series

Mobile and compact – for quick heating

When the temperature in smaller rooms is to be quickly regulated, the both high-performance and energy-efficient TFH fan heaters produce a soothing warmth immediately upon switch-on. The attractive devices leave a good impression when used in living and office spaces, camper vans, hobby rooms or conservatories as well as in small workshops, garages or storage areas.

In order to meet the nuanced requirements on the market, with the TFH series Trotec provides several fan heater models with different equipment features –such as splash protection and on-demand oscillation. Owing to the thermostat-controlled automatic operation the energy consumption of all TFH devices remains agreeably low – despite the powerful heating capacity.

The compact TFH fan heaters can be used just about anywhere, provided a socket is nearby. After the set-up of the device, you only need to plug it in and switch the heater on. Its light weight and the convenient carrying handles further permit an uncomplicated transportation of the fan heater to the respective operating site.

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