Peltier dehumidifiers of the TTP series
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Peltier dehumidifiers of the TTP series

Ultra-compact dryers for use in small rooms that are difficult to ventilate

During operation the utterly compact Peltier dehumidifiers of the TTP series are very silent, require very little power and for process-related reasons no defrost system. Owing to their minor space requirements and the relatively small operating range these comfort dehumidifiers are ideally suited for the dry keeping of small, heated rooms difficult to ventilate, e.g. closets and shoe cabinets, pantries or small, windowless lavatories.

You can use a Peltier dehumidifier of the TTP series wherever you find a nearby socket. Simply plug it in, switch it on and start drying. Although the equipment features correspond to the variety of individual requirements. All devices are provided with sophisticated comfort functions such as a filling level warning light, an overflow protection with automatic switch-off and ultra-silent operation.

Here is how condenser dryers with Peltier technology work

A cold surface must be generated within this type of dehumidifier as well. The temperature of this surface must lie below the dew point of the air so that water can condense on it. This is achieved by the eponymous Peltier element: a compact, thermoelectric converter that – when electricity flows – causes one element side to become very hot and the other very cold.

A blower now sucks in the room air and guides it past the cold side of the Peltier element. There the air cools down to below dew point, the moisture condenses and drips into a collection container. The dry air is then guided past the hot element side, where it absorbs the heat and flows back into the room as warm, dry air.

More practical information regarding dehumidification such as device differences, functional principles and application possibilities can be found here.

What restricts the efficiency of Peltier condenser dryers

Compared to the widespread refrigerant compression technology the thermoelectric efficiency amounts to max. one third. The chief reason for this: The performance of an individual Peltier element cannot be increased at will. It is not possible to produce elements that are larger than 6 x 6 cm, increasing the current flow does not help either because this would cause the cooling performance to decrease again for physical reasons. For this reason Peltier dryers are not suited for the dehumidification of entire rooms; they could never even begin to compare to the dehumidification performance of a refrigerant dryer.

Standard features:

  • For keeping rooms that are difficult to ventilate, e.g. walk-in closets, windowless bathrooms or pantries, dry
  • High degree of flexibility due to extra-small construction
  • Modern thermoelectric Peltier element (without compressor and refrigerant)
  • Air purification function – filters animal hair, fluff and dust
  • Filling level warning light to indicate a full water tank
  • Overflow protection with automatic switch-off
  • Appealing, compact design
  • With transparent water collection container
  • Power indicator light
  • Simple dehumidification operation
  • Particularly easy handling
  • Ultra-silent operation
  • Energy-efficient thanks to low power consumption
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